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  • Image of 2019 Flower Subscription - BOUQUET
  • Image of 2019 Flower Subscription - BOUQUET
  • Image of 2019 Flower Subscription - BOUQUET

2019 Flower Subscription - BOUQUET

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The Urban Farmchick's flower subscription provides flower lovers with the opportunity to receive premium locally grown flowers, fresh from our flowers field and gardens right here in Thunder Bay throughout the summer and early autumn season with a variety of flowers and foliage rarely seen in store bouquets.

Purchasing our freshly harvested flower subscription not only offers a stunning alternative to imported store bouquets but supports our local urban flower farm.

Purchasing a flower subscription for yourself or the flower lover you care so much about is unique and available in either bouquet or bucket subscriptions.

This listing is for a BOUQUET Subscription:

By choosing this BOUQUET option, you will receive one lavish hand-tied bouquet EACH WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS, loaded with seasonal fresh blooms and foliage wrapped in our kraft brown paper packaging. Perfect for any flower lover, as a gift to self or others. Follow the care instructions attached and enjoy the beauty of locally grown all week long.

Due to mother nature's unpredictable ways, it's hard to know exactly when our flowers will be ready for harvesting but based on past growing seasons, subscriptions run for 4 weeks and may begin late June or early July.

Your bouquet subscription is subject to weather and thus growing conditions and may run slightly earlier or later. In any event, your subscription will run for 4 weeks once it begins.

The attached photos are of flowers from a previous season. While your bouquets may not contain the exact same flowers, you will receive flowers, unique foliage and grasses which are fresh, of an oh so pretty variety based on what's in bloom or ready for harvest at the appropriate time.

Please know that this is a PICKUP CSA (Unless you choose the delivery option with fee below). Meaning, you or your gift recipient will be required to attend at the pick-up location scheduled for Wednesday's.


450 Ft. William Road
(Sort of next door to the Moose Hall except there is a ditch in between them)

DELIVERY option: There will be limited availability for a delivery option for the 2019 season. Delivery is to be within city limits and within 10k of 700 Hazelwood Drive. Cost for this delivery option is $40 for the subscription period of four weeks. Delivery will be made Wednesday's between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

IF THIS IS A GIFT SUBSCRIPTION - you're awesome!! Please let me know if you would like a gift notification card sent to you for you to gift OR if you would like the Gift Subscription Notification Card sent directly to your gift recipient. Please make sure that you provide complete mailing address and contact information (you know, all the information I need to get things off to you or your lucky recipient).

Please provide contact information including name, email address and telephone number where you/your gift recipient may be reached between 9a.m. and 5p.m. during their subscription period.

ORDERING & PAYMENT: If you prefer to pay directly by e-transfer, please send me an email: and I'll invoice you directly.